The Standalone REST Application provides easy to use REST endpoints.

Offering & License

Demo GUI

We run a demo instance on

REST Endpoint Specification

The REST interface is described using OpenAPI 3 - see the REST Endpoint Specification on the demo instance.


Download the standalone JAR from Central Repository via this link


The standalone JAR includes everything (except fonts) that is needed, so just execute it:

java -jar qrinvoice-rest-standalone-1.19-packaged.jar

Default port is 8080, in case you want to use a different port, set the system property as follows

java -Dserver.port=7777 -jar qrinvoice-rest-standalone-1.19-packaged.jar


If you want to enable SSL on the application you can provide certificate as follows.
java \
-Dserver.ssl.key-store=certs.p12 \
-Dserver.ssl.key-store-password=password \
-Dserver.ssl.key-store-type=pkcs12 \
-Dserver.ssl.key-alias=springboot \
-Dserver.ssl.key-password=password \
-Dserver.port=8443 \
-jar qrinvoice-rest-standalone-1.19-packaged.jar

Log File

Per default application logs to standard out. If output to a log file is required, you can do it as follows.

java \ \
-jar qrinvoice-rest-standalone-1.19-packaged.jar

Application Entry Points

The following are the default URLs on localhost. Adjust the hostname and port according to your setup.


The standalone app configuration is documented here: