Term Explanation


Bankclearing Number

Creditor Reference

Creditor Reference according to the ISO 11649 standard.


International Bank Account Number according to ISO 13616.


IID is an abbreviation of Institute ID (former BC no.). Each banking institution that participates in payment traffic in Switzerland has at least one assigned IID.


Orange inpayment slip (ESR in German)

Payment Part

The payment part of the QR-bill is in A6 format and contains the information necessary to execute a payment in the form of a Swiss QR Code, as well as printed information. The payment part can be a component of the QR-bill or be enclosed as a separate supplement.


The QR-bill is a bill with the associated payment part with Swiss QR Code.


IBAN variant to be used for payments with a structured reference. The IID of a QR-IBAN must be a QR-IID


Special IID. Reserved range is 30000 – 31999


The biller’s structured reference corresponds to the former ISR reference number.


The payment part is part of the QR-bill and is positioned left to the payment part. It is intended to be used as a receipt for a fulfilled payment.


Assocation - Schweizerischer Wirtschaftsverband der Informations-, Kommunikations- und Organisationstechnik

Swiss QR Code

The Swiss QR Code meets the requirements stipulated in the Swiss Implementation Guidelines of QR-bill and enables the initiation of payments at banks. It is marked with the Swiss cross in the middle. It contains the SPC encoded as QR code.