Definition of terms

It is important to know the main terms of the QR Bill. It starts with Swiss Payments Code (SPC), which contains all required payment information. The SPC is only a sequence of characters.

The SPC is encoded into a QR code, which is known as the Swiss QR Code. The image is a conventional QR code with a Swiss flag as flavoring.

The term Payment Part refers to the DIN A6 output containing the Swiss QR Code and all of its information in textual representation. Left to the Payment Part is the Receipt which contains all relevant textual information in the same way the Payment Part does. The Payment Part together with the Receipt replaces what was known as "payment slips".

Adding a Payment Part & Receipt to a bill document results in a QR Bill.

The Four Logical Layers

For further definition of terms, please refer to the Glossary

QR Invoice Library Basics

The QR Invoice Library provides a domain model that represents the QR Invoice as a whole, as defined in the official specifications.

The root entity is ch.codeblock.qrinvoice.model.QrInvoice. Although it is possible to create the QrInvoice object graph by hand, we do not recommend doing so. Instead we advise to use the ch.codeblock.qrinvoice.model.builder.QrInvoiceBuilder. The QrInvoiceBuilder performs validation of the given input implicitly.

Once the QrInvoice has been built, it can be used to generate the required outputs, such as:

  • Swiss Payments Code (String)

  • Swiss QR Code (Image)

  • Payment Part & Receipt (Document)

Please see the Examples.

The QR Invoice Domain Model

QR Invoice Domain Model

Bill Information

The field "Bill Information" provides a way billers can pass additional information to the receiver in order to increase automated processing.

The structure can be defined by third party entities to meet specific needs. The Swico has done this and provides the first and only structure known at the time of writing.

Involved Parties in a Credit Transfer

The following parties are involved in a credit transfer:

  • Creditor

  • Debtor (not represented in the QR Invoice)

  • Ultimate creditor (the party who has the contract with the debtor. Prepared fur future use only, DO NOT USE until released by SIX).

  • Ultimate debtor

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